Connection to SAP HANA via Excel VBA

How to connect SAP HANA via Excel VBA? Following code allows to connect SAP and make operation inside of SAP. This in only a part of code only to connect SAP. Others elements such as recorded SAP code and Excel data processing code should be add to project.

To use Excel connection to SAP code reference SAP GUI Scripting API has to be add to project. Additionally user has to be logged to SAP to run code.

One test procedure is added to connection code in order to show where recorded SAP code or Excel processing data code should be pasted. Additionally error handling is turned on. Please have look on declared global variables, these variables might be used in all project without declaring it in every module.

Excel connection to SAP HANA example:

Option Explicit

' --- MODULE INFO  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
' This is only wireframe of connection between EXCEL VBA and SAP HANA. In order to connect SAP user has to be 
' logged to SAP.
' Application checks if main SAP windows is opened this SESSION_MANAGER – if not application returns error. If main
' window is opened code is proceeding. 
' Error handling has been added to this SAP connection code. In order to run code, reference SAP GUI Scripting API need
' to be add to project
' SAP GUI Scripting API (file sapfewse.ocx in folder SAP C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP\FrontEnd\SAPgui\sapfewse.ocx)
' TURNING OFF SAP ALERTS – SAP MSGBOX during external connection
' SAP GUI Scripting API (plik sapfewse.ocx w folderze SAP C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP\FrontEnd\SAPgui\sapfewse.ocx)

' ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
' Source:
' and others

Public SGA As Object
Public App As SAPFEWSELib.GuiApplication
Public Connection As SAPFEWSELib.GuiConnection
Public Session As SAPFEWSELib.GuiSession
Public SessionTcode, ModulName, procName As String
Public ErrorHapenned, ErrStatus, ErrOpis
Public ErlLine As Long

' objxl declaration
#If VBA7 Then
    Declare PtrSafe Function SetForegroundWindow Lib "user32" (ByVal hwnd As LongPtr) As Long
    Declare Function SetForegroundWindow Lib "user32.dll" (ByVal hwnd As Long) As Long
#End If

Public Sub SAPconnectionTest()
' User has to be logged in SAP
' SAP SESSION_MANAGER has to be opened
' To see code confirmation/information IMMEDIATE WINDOW should be run

Dim LicznikOkienekSAP As Integer
Dim StartTime, EndTime, FinalTime, SapWindowJump
Dim objxl As Object 'przywracanie Excela na górę
Dim SapWindowsCount As Long

On Error GoTo ErrorHapenned

' Values assignment to variables
Set objxl = GetObject(, "Excel.Application")
StartTime = Format(Time, "Long Time")
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
ModulName = "modSAPconnection"
procName = "SAPconnectionTest"
ErrStatus = False

' ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Set SGA = GetObject("SAPGUI")
If Not IsObject(SGA) Then
GoTo ErrorHapenned
End If

Set App = SGA.GetScriptingEngine()
If Not IsObject(App) Then
GoTo ErrorHapenned
End If

Set Connection = App.Connections(0)
If Not IsObject(Connection) Then
GoTo ErrorHapenned
End If

' ----------------------------------------------------------

SapWindowsCount = Connection.Children.Count 'returns number of opened SAP windows
For LicznikOkienekSAP = 0 To SapWindowsCount - 1
' Sprawdzanie nazw transakcji SAP
Set Session = Connection.Children(CInt(LicznikOkienekSAP))
SessionTcode = Session.Info.Transaction
If SessionTcode = "SESSION_MANAGER" Then
    ' SAP window on top

' --------------------------------------------------------
' STARTING VBA CODE WORKING IN SAP (code has should be recorded in SAP)

     ' Confirmation of correct SAP connection / should be deleted
    Debug.Print StartTime & " Excel -> SAP connection. Status: OK."
    ' Example how to use ErrStatus variable
    If ErrStatus = True Then
        GoTo ErrorHapenned
        ErrorShow 'call other procedure (error can be raised there to see how error handle works)
    End If
    If ErrStatus = True Then
        GoTo ErrorHapenned
        Debug.Print StartTime & " SAP data download. Status: OK"
    End If

' ----------------------------------------------------------
    ' Cleaning after SAP connection
    Set Session = Nothing
    Set Connection = Nothing
    Set App = Nothing
    Set SGA = Nothing
    ' Code jump if there is no finding SESSION MANAGER error,
    ' this is main SAP window
    GoTo SapWindowJump

    End If
Next LicznikOkienekSAP

'    MsgBox "Before start app SAP 'SESSION MANAGERA' has to be opened," & _
'            Chr(10) & "this is main SAP window.", vbCritical, "ATTENTION..."
    Debug.Print StartTime & " SAP main windows is not opened. Status: ERROR."
    Exit Sub

' ----------------------------------------------------------
' STARTING CODE WORKING IN EXCEL (downloaded data processing)

ModulName = "modSAPconnection"
procName = "SAPconnectionTest"
objxl.Visible = True
SetForegroundWindow objxl.hwnd 'Excel on top?

' Data processing
If ErrStatus = True Then
    GoTo ErrorHapenned
    Debug.Print StartTime & " SAP data processing in Excel . Status: OK."
End If

' ----------------------------------------------------------

' ----------------------------------------------------------

Application.ScreenUpdating = True
EndTime = Format(Time, "Long Time")
FinalTime = Format(CDate(EndTime) - CDate(StartTime), "Long Time")
On Error GoTo 0
Exit Sub

' ----------------------------------------------------------

MsgBox "CODE ERROR!" & Chr(10) & Chr(10) & _
                "Modul: " & ModulName & Chr(10) & _
                "Procedure: " & procName & Chr(10) & _
                "Line: " & Erl & Chr(10) & _
                "Desc.: " & ErrOpis, vbCritical, "APP ERROR..."

' ----------------------------------------------------------

Set Session = Nothing
Set Connection = Nothing
Set App = Nothing
Set SGA = Nothing

End Sub

Public Sub ErrorShow()
' Raising test error. Normally here should be pasted SAP operation code, or processing code in Excel
' In order to rise error to long variable "i" assign some string value
' If you don't raise error leave it as it is

Dim i As Long

On Error GoTo ErrorHapenned
procName = "ErrorShow"
i = 1
'i = "Assing string to long = error"
Exit Sub

' ----------------------------------------------------------

ErrOpis = Err.Description
ErrStatus = True
ErlLine = Erl 'variable "erl" get value when code lines will be added to project
End Sub

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