XLAM add-in as database

From some time I’ve tried to find solution for fast and simply database use in Excel. Some time ago I’ve made test with XLAM add-ins as VBA code collection and database too. My project has been saved on network folder with authorization to all users.

In order to know how to create XLAM add-in please read this post: “Excel XLAM add-ins creation”.

Following code confirms that .xlam file might be use as “database” to storage needed data. After adding add-ins to Excel, your VBA code might be run in every .xlsx worksheet. Excel sees that two files are using such as ThisWorkbook and ActiveWorkbook. One is opened worksheet and the second is .xlam add-in.

Short explanation:

' Source: n/d

Public Sub XLAMDB()
Dim i As Long

With ThisWorkbook.Sheets("*******")
    i = 1
    Do Until .Cells(i, 1) = ""
        ActiveWorkbook.ActiveSheet.Cells(i, 1) = .Cells(i, 1)
        ActiveWorkbook.ActiveSheet.Cells(i, 2) = .Cells(i, 2)
        ActiveWorkbook.ActiveSheet.Cells(i, 3) = .Cells(i, 3)
    i = i + 1
End With
End Sub

Next code is my project which shows how to use .xlam add-in as database. Somebody might ask “why?”. I will try explain it. Application has been created in order to check some warehouse storage bins – details are’t needed. What is important, user has to processing data exported from SAP. Normally to process data, content of exported file should be copied to .xlsm file where VBA code is located. In .xlsm file in some sheet there are storage bins added to be considered by app. It means that this sheet is some kind of database. Thanks to .xlam file there is no need to search .xlsm file, data hasn’t to copied. Code is ready to use when .xlsx file is just opened. Also it is difficult for normal user to delete some data from .xlam file.

Below entire project VBA code, but only a small part is a exaple how to use .xlam as database.
XLAM add-in as database example:

Option Explicit

' ----------- MODULE INFO v. 0.0.21 --------------------------------------------------------
' 1. Replenishment order generated autimaticlly to move some goods within warehouse.
'    Automatic data procesing receiving from SAP, final doc is given to warehouse employee 
'    as Goods Move Order.
' 2. Code from this module is hidden in .xlam file - this file has to be added to Excel 
'    as .xlam from user/local computer
' 3. XLAM add-in is using as database (Replenishment Bin sheet), where all needed 
'    information are kept to make VLOOKUP function.
' ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Public Sub FinalizeReplenishment()
' Create Replenishmentu Goods Move Order

Dim XlamFileName, ReplenishmentFile, CodeVersion As String
Dim ThisWorkbookCounter, XlamWorkbookCounter, LastRow, i  As Long
Dim rng As Range
Dim ErrorJump, StartTime, EndTime, FinalTime

On Error GoTo ErrorJump

' Variables assignment
StartTime = Format(Time(), "Long Time")
CodeVersion = "App. v.0.0.21" 'to be change when upadate
XlamFileName = ThisWorkbook.Name
ReplenishmentFile = ActiveWorkbook.Name
ThisWorkbookCounter = 2
XlamWorkbookCounter = 2

With Workbooks(ReplenishmentFile).ActiveSheet

    ' Find last row in activated sheet
    LastRow = .Cells(.Rows.Count, "H").End(xlUp).Row	

    ' Adding VLOOKUP formula (much faster then loop) to show Replenishment
    ' bins found in .xlam database
    .Cells(1, 20) = "Formula"
    .Cells(2, 20).Formula = "=VLOOKUP(J2,'[" & XlamFileName & "]Replenishment Bin'!$A$2:$E$71,1,0)"
    .Range("T2").AutoFill Destination:=Range("T2:T" & LastRow)
    ' Data filtering - showing only Replenishment not all Transfer Order Numbers
    .Range("$A$1:$T" & LastRow).AutoFilter Field:=20, Criteria1:="<>#N/A", Operator:=xlFilterValues
    ' Copying filtered data to other place in active sheet in order to keep them
    .Range("$A$1:$T" & LastRow).Select
    .Cells(1, 22).Select
    ' Removing source data - preparing pleace fro needed data
    Application.CutCopyMode = False
    Selection.Delete Shift:=xlToLeft
    ' Removing unneeded columns from final data
    .Cells(1, 2) = "Barcode TO"
    Application.CutCopyMode = False
    Selection.Delete Shift:=xlToLeft
    Application.CutCopyMode = False
    Selection.Delete Shift:=xlToLeft
    ' Find last row in final data
    LastRow = .Cells(.Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row
    ' Creating bar codes from TO numbers - set up font and font size
    With Selection
        .Font.Name = "Calibri"
        .Font.Size = 11
        .VerticalAlignment = xlCenter
        .HorizontalAlignment = xlCenter
    End With
    For i = 2 To LastRow
        .Cells(i, 2) = "*" & .Cells(i, 1) & "*"
        .Cells(i, 2).Font.Name = "Free 3 of 9 Extended"
        .Cells(i, 2).Font.Size = 26
    Next i
    ' Adding inforamtion under Goods Move Order
    .Cells(LastRow + 2, 1) = "                            " ' easy way for wider column / better adjust for printed out
    .Cells(LastRow + 2, 2) = "Picking bins filling" 
    .Cells(LastRow + 2, 2).HorizontalAlignment = xlLeft
    .Cells(LastRow + 2, 3) = "                                  " ' easy way for wider column / better adjust for printed out
    .Cells(LastRow + 4, 2) = "Realizaed by - ........................... / date - ..................."
    .Cells(LastRow + 4, 2).HorizontalAlignment = xlLeft
    ' Borders adding
    Set rng = Range("A1:G" & LastRow)
    With rng.Borders
        .LineStyle = xlContinuous
        .Weight = xlThin
    End With
    ' Columns and rows autofit
    ' Adujst content to be printed
    .PageSetup.PrintArea = "$A:$G"
    Application.PrintCommunication = False
    With .PageSetup
        .PrintTitleRows = "$1:$1"
        .Orientation = xlLandscape
        .FitToPagesWide = 1
        .FitToPagesTall = False
        .CenterHorizontally = True
    End With
    Application.PrintCommunication = True
    ' Code execution confirmation
    .Cells(1, 1).Select
    EndTime = Format(Time(), "Long Time")
    FinalTime = Format(CDate(EndTime) - CDate(StartTime), "Long Time")
    MsgBox "Done in " & FinalTime & ".", vbInformation, CodeVersion & & " CONFIRMATION..."
    Exit Sub '
End With

Exit Sub
' Error handling

MsgBox "Code has been stopped. Problems should be solved - code has to be run once again." & Chr(10) & Chr(10) & _
        "Error no.: " & Err.Number & Chr(10) & _
        "Error desc.: " & Err.Description & Chr(10) & _
        "Code line: " & Erl, vbCritical, CodeVersion & " BLAD KODU..."
End Sub

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