Removing duplicates in collection

When Microsoft is publishing new version of Excel they add new tools to Excel. I think in newest version of Excel there is duplicates remover. In Excel 2003 there wasn’t such a tool – I think there wasn’t? Few years ago writing application to support automatic warehouse there was need to extract unique batch numbers.

I don’t remember from where code has been taken – but I think it has been copied from some book of John Walkenbach. Following code is removing column’s values duplicates by adding them to new collection. To prevent error showing On Error Resume Next must be added to code. It’s known that used loop means long waiting time when there is a lot of not empty cells in column.

Removing duplicates:

Private Sub AddNextSheets()

Dim LicznikWierszy As Long
Dim RemoveDuplicates As New Collection
Dim NewFileName as string

NewFileName "Some Excel file name"

LicznikWierszy = 10
Do Until ThisWorkbook.Sheets("SheetName").Cells(LicznikWierszy, 6) = ""

    If ThisWorkbook.Sheets("SheetName").Cells(LicznikWierszy, 6) <> "" Then
        ' When cell is not empty then is adding to collection
        On Error Resume Next
        ' Removing duplicates
        RemoveDuplicates.Add ThisWorkbook.Sheets("SheetName").Cells(LicznikWierszy, 6), _
        CStr(ThisWorkbook.Sheets("SheetName").Cells(LicznikWierszy, 6))
        On Error GoTo 0
        ' Empty cell - nothing happened
    End If
LicznikWierszy = LicznikWierszy + 1

' Adding new sheets to chosen file with name from RemoveDuplicates collection
Dim Item As Object
For Each Item In RemoveDuplicates
    ' Adding sheet at end of WorkSheet
    Sheets.Add After:=Workbooks(NewFileName).Sheets(Workbooks(NewFileName).Sheets.Count)
    ' Name change
    Workbooks(NewFileName).Sheets(Workbooks(NewFileName).Sheets.Count).Name = Item & "-AA"

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