Text value dividing

Something we have to divide some text value for two separated elements. VBA code contained to this post show how to do this. Of course shown code is quite simple – it has to be rebuilt for yours needs.

First of all following values have to be added to sheet – started from A1 cells:
City Name
Ustrzyki Dolne
Piotrowo Pierwsze
Kazimierz Dolny

Thanks to this code text value from column A will be divided for two next columns such as B and C.

Solution 1: function InStr has to be used to return space number position in text value. Next with other text functions separated values are added to next columns:

Sub SpaceSearching()
' Source: https://www.techonthenet.com/excel/formulas/instr.php

Dim SpaceNo, i  As Long
Dim Value1, Value2 As String
Dim CellValueDividing As Long

With ThisWorkbook.ActiveSheet

    For i = 2 To 4
        SpaceNo = InStr(1, .Cells(i, 1), " ")
        Value1 = Mid(.Cells(i, 1), SpaceNo, Len(.Cells(i, 1)) - SpaceNo + 1)
        Value2 = Left(.Cells(i, 1), SpaceNo - 1)
        .Cells(i, 2) = Value2
        .Cells(i, 3) = Value1
    Next i
End With

End Sub

Solution 2: an array as a storage for result of SPLIT function:

Sub ArraySpaceSearching()

Dim TempArray() As String
Dim i As Long

With ThisWorkbook.ActiveSheet

    For i = 2 To 4
        TempArray() = Split(.Cells(i, 1), " ")
        .Cells(i, 2) = TempArray(0)
        .Cells(i, 3) = TempArray(1)
        Erase TempArray
    Next i
End With

End Sub

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