VBA not recognizing polish letters

Although in the sheet we can insert Polish letters, we can’t use it in VBA console, for example when retrieving string values.

Easy test may be performed to check if the VBA console recognizes Polish characters:

1. Value “A” need to be insert to A1 cell while to B1 cell should be inserted value “Ą” (polish letter):
2. We are writing simply macro to use Immediate Window as a place to show notifications:

Sub test()
Debug.Print Asc(Cells(1, 1))
Debug.Print Asc(Cells(1, 2))
End Sub

If as a result of run macro is number 65 for both values, it means that VBA isn’t recognize polish letters.

In order to use polish letters in VBA there is an option to try solution from spreadsheet1.com.
In Control Panel, Region has to be changed to Poland: Control Panel->Region->Change System Locale->Polski.

370 thoughts on “VBA not recognizing polish letters

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