About me


my name is Pawel. In 2007 I have met Excel – after 3 years I have started VBA programming. I have attended some trainings, read few books till today but what is most important I have learned VBA and Excel while writing my own applications searching information in web.

This website showing some coding examples used by me, was found by me in internet after hours of searching.  Was created in order to find working code in new projects. Basically this is a place where I can find working code that has been used be me in the past, but if the code will be useful for You feel free to use it. Hope it will save your time.

If some codes were copied I’m always trying to add source of code. But it is not always possible – I apologize for that. Some code examples were directly copied, some I have modified, some codes have been created by me. On this website I can find code tested in previous application and I’m sure it will work for next applications.

Please understand English is not my native language – my posts are not perfect.

May the Macros be with You!