I’ve decided to create the “Other” page to separate categories such as VB.net or VB from the main page. My intention was to focus only on Excel and VBA on the main page – because I mainly work in Excel.

Some time ago I’ve wrote a VB program, maybe some pieces of code will be useful to me in the future. I wanted to learn VB.net, but I did not have enough time to learn well enough. I’ v to archived it – you are never know when it will be useful.

These examples are quite old. I’ve not checked the code and I’ve not used it for years – I do not guarantee that the code examples from this page have any value.

I’ve also added information about solutions used by me in WordPress, and other topics not related with Excel strictly.

VB.net: http://exceldb.net/en/category/vb-net/
VB: http://exceldb.net/en/category/vb/
WordPress: http://exceldb.net/en/category/wordpress/
Others: http://exceldb.net/en/category/others/